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True Friends Are For Life


True Friends Are For Life

              True Friends Are For Life,Until The End,They Are More Than Special,
They Are Your Best Friends.
               They Are The One You Can Go To,When You Are In Despair,

                                                 The Ones That Will Help You,
Even When You Got Gum In Your Hair,
                                            They Are The One Who Will Laugh

                And Go Laughing With You All Through,The Night,The Ones Who Will Help You,
Help You With All Their Might,
                                   To Have A Good Friend,You Have To Be One,

                             So Be Nice To One Another,So You Can Be Friends Forever.

Love So You Can Feel It
Love So You Can Be Filled With Dreams Where Emptiness Once Was,
Where Black Reigned As Darkness Now Filled With Rainbow Of Colors,
Love So You Can Soar Into The Clouds And Dance With Birds,
Long Forgotten Would Be The Damp Earth You Walked Once,
Love So You Can Feel The Warmth Like The Morning Sun’s Cheerful Embrace,
Not Of The Damp Shivering Winters,  Scarring, Bitter Heartless Cold,
Love So You Can Feel The Pain Of Longing The Sweetness Of Tender Care,
To Bleed Willingly, Joyfully  And Ask To Be Wounded More Deeply Again,
Love So You Can Learn To Live Unafraid Of Living Life To Its Fullest,
So You Can Know God In His Glory With Joyous Thankful Heart,
Love So You Can Live A Life Possessed, With Greatness And Ecstasy,
To Be Thankful With Gratitude For The Hurt You Know To Be A Gift,
Love So You Can Learn To Give And Share Rather Than To Take,
For One Who Only Takes Has Never Been Touched By Love’s Sliver Feather
And That’s How To Be The Best Friend You Can Be.

Romantic Valentine Wish Many Times

When Your Heart And Thoughts Some How Appear To Rhyme

                            When You Feel Cold And Warm At The Same Time,
When You Read Over The Same Line For The Tenth Time,
                            When Your Heart And Thoughts Some How Appear To Rhyme,
And When A Simple Name Conquers Your Whole Mind,
Then You Are In Deep Trouble My Friend,
                                       You Are “Love”, We Call It The Hard Time.

You Are Always In My Heart

You Are Always In My Heart, Here, There And Everywhere,

There Is No One In The Whole World That Makes Me Feel This Way.
                                     Will You Be My Valentine Today And Forever…
Romantic Valentine Wish Many Times You Make Me Cry,
And Looking For A Reason Why,
Many Times You Make Me Fly,
Always Stay With Me Until I Die…


Once In A WhileYou Are In My MindI Think About The Days That WeHadAnd I Dream That These Would AllCome Back To MeIf Only You Knew Every Moment InTimeNothing Goes On In My HeartJust Like Your MemoriesHow I Want Here To Be With YouOnce MoreYou Are Always Gonna Be The OneAnd You Should KnowHow I Wish I Could Have Never LetYou GoCome Into My Life AgainOh, Don’t Say NoYou Are Always Gonna Be The OneIn My LifeSo True, I Believe I Can Never FindSomebody Like You
My First Love…


You Meant So Much To All Of UsYou Were Special And That’s No LieYou Brightened Up The Darkest Day
And The Cloudiest Sky.
Your Smile Alone Warmed HeartsYour Laugh Was Like Music To HearI Would Give Absolutely Anything
To Have You Well And Standing Near.
Not A Second PassesWhen You Are Not On Our Minds,Your Love We Will Never Forget
The Hurt Will Ease In Time.
Many Tears I Have Seen And CriedThey Have All Poured Out Like RainI Know That You Are Happy Now
And No Longer In Any Pain.


Love Can Travel Miles Away
Just Like Time Does During Night & Day
But As Love Travels Miles Apart
It Still Has A Solid Place In The Heart
As I Express These Feelings I Have For You
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too
Because My Life Is Empty Without You…


A Day Will Come When We Will Be Together
How Long It Takes Doesn’t Matter

We Will Go To A Place Which Is Beautiful And Quite
Enjoying Food In Candle Light

Silent Music Will Increase The Grace
And Moon Light Will Add Beauty To Her Face

Together We Will Look At Stars For Long
And Then We Will Dance On Her Favourite Song

Whole Night We Will Spend Looking At Moon
Having Her Hand In Mine I’ll Make It Clear Soon

No One Can Take Your Place In My Life
Can We Be Husband And Wife?

If She Agrees Then It’s Time For Us To Fly
And If She Says No Then Its Better For Me To Die


Day And Night Like A Hell,
Everything Is Lonely,
Everything Is Not Well,
There Is Deep Frustration In Me,
My Heart And Mind Is Not Within Me,
Lots Of Things I Have To Say,
Tell Me The Way Has To Tell,

There Was Time When Smile Was With Me,
Heart Was Full Of Hope And Sky Of Happiness Was In Me,
But Today Is The Time When Ottoman With Me,
Days Are Long And Hopes Are Dying In Me.

You Were The Smile Of My Face,
And Now You Are Tears Of Me,
You Gave Your Hand Like Rain In Desert,
And Now You Are Behaving Like That Time Has No Mean,
For God Sake Doesn’t Do This To Me.

If I Did A Mistake Then Forgive To Me,
If You Want To Out Of My Life With Out Any Reason Fine,
But When You Will Be Out Of My Life’
There Will Be A Big Change In Me.


Mom, You’re A Wonderful Mother,
So Gentle, Yet So Strong.
The Many Ways You Show You Care
Always Make Me Feel I Belong.
You Are Patient When I’m Foolish;
You Give Guidence When I Ask;
It Seems You Can Do Most Anything;
You’re The Master Of Every Task.
You’re A Dependable Source Of Comfort,
You’re My Cushion When I Fall.
You Help In Times Of Trouble,
You Support Me Whenever I Call.
I Love You More Than You Know,
You Have My Totl Respect.
If I Had My Choice Of Mothers,
You’d Be The One I’d Select!…


True Friends Are For Life
Until The End
They Are More Than Special
They Are Your Best Friends.
They Are The One You Can Go To
When You Are In Despair
The Ones That Will Help You
Even When You Got Gum In Your Hair!
They Are The One Who Will Laugh
And Go Laughing With You All Through
The Night
The Ones Who Will Help You
Help You With All Their Might.
To Have A Good Friend
You Have To Be One
So Be Nice To One Another
So You Can Be Friends Forever
And That’s How To Be The Best Friend You Can Be.


When I Am Glad,
You Are In My Smile,
When I Am Sad,
You Are In My Tears,
When I Am Walking,
You Are In My Step,
When I Am Sleeping,
You Are In My Dreams,
I Think These Are Special Feelings,
If I Were An Artist,
I Would Paint My Feelings,
If I Were A Poetess,
I Would Quote My Feelings,
But I Am An Ordinary Girl,
So I Just Say,
I Love You.
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