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Best Slogan Of World Population Day | Population Day English Quotes


World Population Day 2016 Famous Best Quotes Slogan In English| Best Slogan Of World Population Day | Population Day English Quotes | Population Day Famous English Slogan

*  You Cannot control Your Own Population By Force, But It Can Be
     Distracted By Consumption . (Noam Chomsky )

*  The Power Of Population Is Indefinitely Greater Than The Power In
     The Earth To Produce Subsistence For Man. (Thomas Malthus )

*  A Finite World Can Support Only A Finite Population; Therefore,
     Population Growth Must Eventually Equal Zero . ( Garrett Hardin )

*  Population When Unchecked, Increase In A Geometrical Ratio .
    ( Thomas Malthus )

*  The Point Of Population Stabilization Is To Reduce Or Minimize
      Misery .( Roger Bengston )

*  When The Family Is Small, Whatever Little They Have Are Able To
      Share. There Is Peace .( Philip Njuguna )

*  The Cpmbination Of Population Growth And The Growth In
      consumption Is A Danger That We Are Not Prepared For And
      Something We will Need Global Co-operation on. (Maurice Strong)

*  But As Population Became Denser, The Natural, chemical And
     Biological Recycling Processes Became Overloaded, calling For
     A Redefinition Of Property Rights . ( Garrett Hardin )

*  The Hungry World Cannot Be Fed Until And Unless The Growth Of
     Its Resources And The Growth Of Its Population Come Into Balance.
     ( Lyndon Baines Johnson )

*  Our population Is Headed For Stable Plateau, Which Means An Aging
    Population .( Emanuel Celler )

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