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sant kabir das ke dohe in hindi with meaning in hindi

Kabeer Ke Dohe With Meaning 

कबीर दास के दोहे  | Kabir Das ke dohe and Poem in Hindi | Kabir Amritwan
कबीर के दोहे सर्वाधिक प्रसिद्ध व लोकप्रिय हैं। हम कबीर के अधिक से अधिक दोहों को संकलित करने हेतु प्रयासरत हैं।

Sant kabir das ke dohe in hindi with meaning



Kabir Yeh Ghar Prem Ka, Khala Ka Ghar Nahin
Sees Utaare Hath Kar, So Pasey Ghar Mahin

Translation Kabir, this is the House of Love , Not the house of your Aunt

Who has dropped his barriers, He can pass in to the House

You are born to Love, not sit around as if at your Aunts place. Love is not a process of seeking, but a process of dropping ones own mental barriers to love.
Maala To Kar Mein Phire, Jeebh Phire Mukh Mahin
Manua To Chahun Dish Phire, Yeh To Simran Nahin

The rosary rotating by the hand, the tongue twisting in the mouth,
With the mind wandering everywhere, this isn't meditation

(Counting the Rosary, Repeating Mantras, If the Mind is Traveling - this is not meditation)

Control the mind, not the beads or the words.
Kabir Maala Kaath Kee, Kahi Samjhave Tohi
Man Na Firave Aapna, Kaha Firave Mohi


Kabir, the rosary made of wooden beads, what can it teach you?
If you don't control your minds motion, why control the beads motion?

Control the mind, not the beads.
Jab Mein Tha Tab Hari Nahin‚ Jab Hari Hai Mein Nahin
Sab Andhiyara Mit Gaya‚ Jab Deepak Dekhya Mahin


When I was, then Hari (God) was not, Now Hari is and I am not
All the darkness dissolved, When I saw the light within.

Before duality, God was and I was not. Now I am, and God is not seen. Darkness dissolved when I saw God within me.
Moond Munddavat Din Gaye‚ Ajhun Na Miliya Raam
Raam Naam Kahu Kya Karey‚ Je Man Ke Aurey Kaam


Shaving the head Ages have passed, yet no union with God
Recitation of Gods Name is futile, when the mind is doing something else
Control the mind - observe it.
Keson Kaha Bigadia, Je Moonde Sau Baar
Man Ko Kahe Na Moondiye, Jaamein Vishey Vikaar


What harm have the hair done, you shave them hundred times
Why not shave the mind, there grow unchecked countless poisonous thoughts
Meaning Clean the Mind - for more, see Mind Detox
Kabir Soota Kya Kare, Koore Kaaj Niwaar
Jis Panthu Tu Chaalna, Soyee Panth Samwaar


Kabir, why do you sleep? Leave the useless tasks
Be focused on the path which you were meant to tread

Focus on the thing that you really love to do, the path you were meant to follow.
Kabira Teri Jhompri Gal Katiyan Ke Paas
Jo Karenge So Bharenge Tu Kyon Bhayo Udaas

Translation Kabir, Your Hut Is Next to the Butchers

Who does, he will face the consequnces, Why are you sad?

Don't concern your self too much with other peoples actions - they will have to face the consequences, not for you to be sad.
Kabir Soyee Soorma, Man Soon Maande Jhoojh
Panch Pyada Paari Le, Door Kare Sab Dooj


Kabir, He alone is the Warrior , who takes on the mind head-on
Crushing the sensual five, all duality gone

The real fighter, the real Warrior is the one who takes on his own mind. The Mind controls the 'sensual five', the five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell. These senses tell us lies, they tell us that duality exist, though we know that it does not.

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